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We're Mind-Body Practitioners Because...

When was the last time that you went to the grocery store and forgot your brain at home? I'm the first to admit that sometimes it may feel like I forgot my brain,or maybe my body feels like it's in one place but my attention is in another. We've all been there, but what about physically separating the our mind and our body?

"But Sav, that's ridiculous!", you say. And you're right! Of course we can't physically separate our minds and our bodies! It's honestly a bit silly to even think about. But then why do healing professionals try to only treat either the mind or the body, and pretend that the other is in a faraway land? That seems even sillier!

Most people know, on some level, that the brain and the body talk to each other. Children often have a special comfort item, like a blanket or a stuffed toy, that helps them go to sleep at night or when they're upset. Maybe you reach out to hold a loved one's hand in a time of need. For some, food can very much be emotionally comforting just as much as it is physically nourishing, while others swear by their gym routine to keep them sane.

When we experience loss and heartache, we may physically feel the grief and heartache in our chests. Anxiety often manifests as, among other things, knots in your stomach. For those who have experienced trauma, things that remind you of the event may lead your body to react in the here and now as if the trauma was still happening. These sensations, among many others, are all very real and don't just go away by trying to think or act differently.

If we have symptoms in our body, they may not change until we let our body know that we're listening.

At Holistic Therapy & Wellness, we're trained in specific ways to help you enhance your mind-body communication. For the mind, we use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and more traditional talk therapy; for the "body", we offer therapeutic yoga and bioenergetic bodywork; we use Somatic Experiencing techniques to integrate the two.

If you'd like more info about any of our approaches, check out our Resources Page or feel free to reach out!

With Love and Light,


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Brayden Driss
Brayden Driss
Apr 12, 2022

Much gratitude on the information of Holistic Therapy and wellness. After I was referred to Dr. Garcia by my medical doctor who, like dozens before him, couldn’t relieve my symptoms. Suffering from severe gastrointestinal issues, parasites, viruses. After the first Biomagnetism Therapy , my body started to feel calm instead of in a state of panic, and less like it was being eaten from the inside out from all the infections that I had raging inside of me. Aches and pains improved, vision and skin integrity, and diarrhea better controlled, along with some unexpected improvements such as a fungal rash disappearing within 3 days after having it for over 10 years.

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