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In addition to our library of our signature yoga offerings (you'll have to email us for the password!), we're so thrilled to be able to share some free yoga and mindfulness related resources! If there are any resources in particular that you would like to see, feel free to reach out via email and let us know!

Please remember that it is not our intention for these resources to replace help from any professional, be it mental health professionals or medical professionals. These are intended to be used as an adjunct to an existing mental health practice and should not be construed as therapy or therapeutic advice.

This is an ever-growing library, so be sure to join our email list to be kept up to date!


Pranayama refers to breath work, and is one of the eight limbs of yoga!

108 Breaths: An Equinox Mala

Autumn 2020


PMR #1

MP3/Audio Only Forthcoming!


15-Minute Quick Yoga Nidra

30-Minute Yoga Nidra

Stay tuned for more resources!

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