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Yoga Alliance CEU's

Resilience, Pandemics, and Yoga

In a season when the entire world is in a state of emotional turmoil (what some are calling “collective trauma”), it only seemed appropriate to blend her knowledge of nervous system regulation and yoga to help empower yoga teachers during this COVID crisis and beyond. This Polyvagal-informed discussion will center on principles of nervous system regulation, how dysregulation of the nervous system might manifest in a yoga setting, and concrete skills that yoga teachers and healers of all capacities can use to help facilitate more nervous system regulation with their clients!

While we spoke to the ever-changing pandemic state of affairs, understanding the nervous system is a first step in becoming a trauma-informed practitioner and the content of this CEU class is helpful any time; having more tools and more experience with nervous system regulation can lead directly to more joy and possibility in the good times and more resilience during the tough times.

For access to this course, fill out our Yoga Waiver then email Savanna for more information. This class is good for two contact Yoga Alliance CEU's through the end of September 2020, or until their temporary provision ends. After that, this will be good for two non-contact Yoga Alliance CEU's. Pay-what-you-can, between $30-$50!


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