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We want to help YOU find more freedom, joy, and authenticity in your life.

Did you know that we offer free, 15-minute consultations for all of our services?

At Holistic Therapy & Wellness, we recognize that people, as whole beings, are more than a mind plus a body plus a spirit. Each person is an incredibly complex and unique union of mind, body, and spirit, and we recognize and honor the importance of these elements in our approach to healing. We facilitate wholeness and well-being of the whole person by increasing capacity and regulation of the autonomic nervous system; through a multidisciplinary process of trauma resolution; by promoting a felt sense of embodiment and connection between the physical, emotional, mental, and the spiritual; and by increasing healthy communication among both the internal and external systems.

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We offer Somatic Experiencing, therapy, marriage counseling, and yoga classes in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have counselors and therapists available to help!
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